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29/09 | 10h30-17h30

*conferences and seminars will be held in english

10h30 | Conference Archives and Indigenous Resistance

Leonard Kamerling (Alaska Center for Documentary Film, University of Alaska Museum EUA)Liivo Niglas (Estonia; director of To Save a Language) and Eva Toulouze (Estonia) Local: Auditorium

In this seminar, Leonard Kamerling, Liivo Niglas and Eva Toulouze will examine how indigenous people have been using archives as a form of cultural resistance, rexistance and sovereignty, both by revisiting, reassessing, and reassembling Western archives and by building up their own archives according to their cosmologies, ontologies, ways of knowing, systems of knowledge, and regimes of care. Leonard Kamerling will discuss his long collaboration with Alaska Native communities, namely the repatriation of visual images. Liivo Niglas and Eva Toulouze will present the systematic film work they have been doing since 2013 on traditional Udmurt rituals in Southern Russia

14h00 | Seminar 1 | Ontologies of the sea: travelings between Norway and Portugal

Catarina Alves Costa (Portugal), Frode Storaas (Norway), Henriette Dybwad (Norway) and Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (Portugal)Local: Auditorium

This seminar is intended as a corollary to the festival by considering the sea that connects Portugal and Norway as an ethnographic research setting where people, fish and boats are bound together in enterprise that links the two cultures in a vital interdependence. The seminar starts with the screening and discussion of the short film Christmas Dinner (2021), by Catarina Alves Costa and Frode Storaas, which follows the cod from the sea in Norway to the dinner table in Portugal. The filmmakers will be joined by Henriette Dybwad, the director of Ebb and Flow (2018), who will talk about how family relations are transformed within and by the sea. Her film will be screened on the following day of the festival. At the beginning of this seminar, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa will succinctly introduce the project FILmar, whose primary goal is to digitize ten thousand minutes of films of the Portuguese film heritage related to the sea, ensuring their visibility through retrospectives, DVD editions, and publications.

14h00 | Seminar 2 | Subjective collaborations (with the film series Views of Vidigal)

Angela Torresan (UK)Local: Library

Focusing on a series of six shorts - Views of Vidigal – this workshop intends to debate how collaborative processes inform filming and vice-versa. Collaboration has gained new significance and traction as a critical infrastructure of both fieldwork and filming, enabling experimentation and exploration in research and outcomes. Drawing on the work of Angela Torresan among the residents of a then gentrifying favela in Rio de Janeiro, this workshop proposes an open debate on collaborative experiences in visual anthropology the inhabitants of Vidigal, this workshop proposes debating collaborative experiences in visual anthropology.

16H | Seminar 3Museums and ethnographic film production: challenges and possibilities

Elizabeta Koneska (Macedonia)Local: Auditorium

In this workshop, we will watch Her Family (2010-1019), a long journey film that followed Mergjuzel treading a hard path for her emancipation. Reflecting on social, political, and gender issues, this film was produced by the Museum of the Republic of Noth Macedonia. After the screening, the director Elizabeta Koneska will launch a reflection on the role of museums in the production of ethnographic films today. 

16H | Seminar 4Rethinking the rural through the Anthropocene 

Alice McDowell (Ireland), Maja Novakovic (Serbia)Local: Library

The rural has been a recurring theme in ethnographic film, even if often approached through a nostalgic gaze aimed at a supposedly vanishing world. However, this world, like many others, has not disappeared. It has been transformed and it is today revisited through other contemporary perspectives and future-oriented concerns, such as the Anthropocene, relationality, kinship, knowledge-making and more-than-human entanglements. In this seminar, we wish to reflect on these issues through the dialogue with the directors of three films that will be screened at the festival: Then Comes the Evening, by Maja Novakovic, Spread the Wings, by Alice McDowell, and Ocak, by Zeynep Kaserci.

16h | Networking |

SAFA Southern Anthropological Film Association: How to go? 

Coordination: Amaya Sumpsi (Portugal) and Antonio Cadierno (Spain)Participants: Pepe Calvo (Spain),  Olatz Abrisketa (Spain), Catarina Alves Costa (Portugal), Humberto Martins (Portugal), Inês Ponte (Portugal), Rodrigo Lacerda (Portugal), and Rosella Schillaci (Italy). Local: Museum's garden

The NAFA team will work with some partners from Portugal, Spain, and Italy in these working sessions. We propose to think together on creating a Southern European Association that could represent universities, researchers, and filmmakers that work with ethnographic film, similar to what happens already in Northern Europe with the NAFA Association. This first encounter will work as a starting point for future collaborations and exchanges between the northern and southern partners. The SAFA working sessions will continue during the following days with talks and discussions between all the participants.