Scrap is our future by Pierre Lankissa crowdfunding campaign

One of the of the young talented filmmaker from Maroua in northern Cameroon, Pierre Lankissa, author of the film ‘Scrap is our future’, has been selected for the NAFA festival in Lisbon in September/October. It is hard for many of the young African filmmakers to find funding in their own country to attend festivals and for this reason a crowdfunding campaign is going on to make it possible to have Lankissa in Lisbon to present his film. We almost reached this goal! Here is the link to the campaign:

We invite all to contribute and we thank all of those who already contributed. And we invite you to come to the 40th NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival which will take place between Sep. 29 - Oct. 2 (2021) at the National Museum of Ethnology in Lisbon.


It is with enormous enthusiasm that we have received from NAFA’s 2020-2021 Selection Committee the list of films that will be screened in this year's festival. We are organising what we hope will be an exciting programme that will add to the selected film screening, a number of workshops and meetings that will strengthen dialogue and exchange among directors, researchers, students and everyone interested in ethnographic film. More info on the program very soon!


É com enorme entusiasmo que recebemos do Comité de Selecção 2020-2021 do NAFA a lista de filmes que serão exibidos no festival deste ano. Estamos a organizar o que esperamos venha a ser um programa entusiasmante que irá acrescentar à exibição do filme seleccionado, uma série de workshops e reuniões que irão reforçar o diálogo e o intercâmbio entre realizadores, investigadores, estudantes e todos os interessados em cinema etnográfico. Mais informações sobre o programa muito em breve!

NEW DATES | Sep. 29 - OCT. 2 | 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing the NAFA Film Festival in Lisboa to Sep. 29 - OCT. 2 2021. As organizers, we want to keep the spirit of NAFA as an event for gathering, discussing, and sharing, which would not be possible in the actual pandemic context. The deadline for film submission is now 31st January 2021. Meanwhile, we will be preparing the event and looking forward to having you in Lisbon next year.

NOVA DATA | 29 Setembro-2 OUtubro | 2021

Devido à pandemia da COVID-19, decidimos adiar o NAFA Film Festival em Lisboa para 29 de Setembro a 2 de Outubro de 2021. Como organizadores, queremos manter o espírito do NAFA como um evento de reunião, discussão e partilha, o que não seria possível no contexto actual. O prazo para submissão de filmes é agora 31 Janeiro de 2021.

Entretanto, continuamos a preparar este evento e esperamos contar com vocês em Lisboa no próximo ano!

NAFA 2020-2021: Open Call

The 40th NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival will be held in LisboA, Sep. 29 - OCT. 2 | 2021

The festival committee welcomes film submissions to the website:

The 2020/2021 film selection committee consists of: Bata Diallo, Knud Fischer-Møller, Len Kamerling, Linda Jonsen Engbjerg, Orsolya Veraart, and Peter I. Crawford.

Deadline for submissions is 31 Jan 2021

To contact PT NAFA's organizing team please use the following email:

Past Events

Conference - "Visual Anthropology in Portugal, an overview"

Catarina Alves Costa (CRIA NOVA FCSH), Teresa Fradique (CRIA NOVA FCSH/ESAD.CR IPLeiria)

6 March @ UiT | SVHUM, Tromsø, Norway

Starting with a presentation about the work developed by the group in visual anthropology and the arts (NAVA) and recent experiences done in our Audiovisual Laboratory, the conference intends to reflect on a contrast between current visual anthropology in Portugal approach and the nostalgic ethnographic gaze on Portuguese author cinema.

The core of the conference is based on the analysis of different modes of representation in Portuguese ethnographic cinema: the ethnographic archives from the 1960’s produced by the Gottingen institute; the documentary film about rural and fishing communities that tries to represent an idea of interiority; the ethno-fiction or poetic ethnographic cinema and finally, the revolutionary cinema of the mid to late 70’s.

The conference will end with the example on how a generation of anthropologists from the 1990’s tried to create an ethnographic cinema that was much more interested in how these communities wanted to be represented. The film made in 2019 “A Ramadan in Lisbon” is used as a possible example of that tendency.

* This initiative was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants Portugal. "Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe"

Workshop - "A Journey to the Makonde, work in progress - presentation of video material and discussion"

Catarina Alves Costa (CRIA NOVA FCSH)

5 March @ UiT | Teorifagbygget, Tromsø, Norway

Professor Catarina Alves Costa (NOVA Universidade Lisboa) will discuss her work about the use of film archives using the project A Journey to the Makonde: a journey to Mozambique in the search of a hidden story with an experimental use of film archives and a subjective narration.

"In the film, I travel to Maputo to meet the Makonde ethnic group living in the city. With me, the films and photographs made by Margot Dias, an ethnologist who filmed between 1958 and 1961 among the Makonde people in North Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony until 1975. An inward journey that will gradually untie the circumstances in which these original films were made.” - Catarina Alves Costa

* This initiative was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants Portugal. "Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe"

Conference - “Ethnographic films in the nordic countries”

Prof. Peter Crawford (UiT - The Artic University of Norway)

18 November @ NOVA FCSH, Lisboa

While one may conclude that several battles have been won, and that visual anthropology and ethnographic film are firmly established as permissible research components, the time may have come to raise more awkward issues, concerning challenges and compatibilities when using film in producing ethnography, and the relationship between the world of narrative cinema, art and anthropology. The talk will be accompanied by screenings of film clips or films.

Peter I. Crawford is an anthropologist, publisher and filmmaker. He has been an active member of NAFA since the late 1970s. Currently he is professor of visual anthropology and head of the master of visual anthropology programme (MVA) at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. He has written extensively on visual anthropology and ethnographic filmmaking and has wide experience in teaching the subject both theoretically and practically.

* This initiative was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA Grants Portugal. "Working together for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe"